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3 Reasons You Should Have a First Look

The First Look can be a touchy subject with some brides. Approximately half are on board, and the other half flatly refuse to consider it. The reason might be anything, from precious photography moments or even superstition.


While anything goes on your dream day, take a moment to think about it. Here are three reasons you should at least consider the First Look!  It can have a surprising effect on how the rest of your wedding day timeline unfolds!


  1. The superstition has a somewhat disturbing reason behind it

As with most superstitions, there’s actually a historical reason behind it that evolved over the centuries. Although we’ve all heard it’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding, there’s an ancient origin dating back to the days of arranged marriages. You see, back in the day, the parents or town elders would arrange for a marriage between an eligible young bachelor and a suitable young woman, oftentimes one he had never met before.

Those in charge forbid the couple from meeting before the wedding day, not because of fear of lightning striking them or 7 years of misfortune… but simply to protect their investment. If the groom caught a glimpse of the bride before the big day and didn’t like what he saw? Well, he could refuse to go through with it, and the political or economic benefits of the match for the parents would be null and void.


We’re pretty sure you’ve seen your future spouse many times before this point, so it’s safe to say the same rule won’t apply here.


  1. It gives you and the wedding party more time to celebrate

Here’s the often-overlooked factor when considering a First Look. If you have your First Look before the ceremony, you have plenty of time to nab all the bride and groom portraits, family pictures and wedding party shots before the ceremony. After that, you’re welcome to circulate during cocktail hour or just grab an hour to freshen up and relax before the reception begins.

If you don’t have the First Look, all the photography has to happen after the ceremony which means you, your bridal party and your family will be taking an endless stream of pictures during cocktail hour… and may even have to squeeze some in during dinner! Generally, a timeline built with a First Look is much more relaxed and stress-free than one without it. Both are completely manageable, but this is something to think about as most brides are surprised by the downtime they crave in the hustle and bustle of the big day.


  1. It may wind up costing you more for your photography contract

Generally photographers offer 4,6, 8 and full day coverage contracts. When you don’t have a First Look, the bulk of picture taking will happen from the ceremony onwards through the reception to allow the photographer time to capture important moments. One important set of photos that will not be included? The getting ready photos. Pictures of you and your bridesmaids getting ready, hair and makeup, even the best man putting the jacket on the groom will be left out of the contract unless you have full day or are willing to upgrade to a longer package. When you have a First Look, the photographer can more evenly balance capturing last stages of getting ready, formal photos, ceremony and the key points of the reception even on a shorter contract!