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5 Reasons the Mirror Me Photo Booth is Perfect for Your Prom

It’s prom planning season, and your school is starting to look for the perfect additions to make your Senior Prom a night to remember. Aside from our top-notch professional DJ services, Charismatic Entertainment also has the secret weapon on hand to save you money while wowing your guests.


The Mirror Me Photo Booth is a state-of-the-art, interactive photo booth that offers a variety of options unseen in typical photobooths. Here are 5 reasons you should rent this photo booth for your prom today!

1. The Mirror Me Photo Booth is Completely Interactive

While we offer an onsite attendant to keep things moving smoothly with the photobooth, the experience is completely interactive and guided by your guests. Gone are the days of forced, awkward prom pictures in front of an impatient photographer with this photo booth! Prom-goers are free to select their own poses, layouts, and prints to get keepsakes they’ll really want.

2. Unlike a Traditional Photo Booth, It’s Full Length

With the mirror me photo booth, there’s no risk that your guests will have their gorgeous gowns and specialty tuxedos cut off at the waist. The photobooth is full-length, so even multiple people can fit into the frame with every detail from hair to shoes included!

3. We Offer Professional-Grade Props to Take the Experience From Good to Great!

Professional photographers often have a preset idea of prom poses that translate into stiff, formal photography. The good news is your students and their friends are able to showcase their personalities with our box of professional-grade props, no formal posing required. With a variety of signs, hats, glasses, and masks, there’s something for everyone!

4. It Will Save You and Your Students Money

Let’s be honest here. After paying for prom tickets, dinner, a limo, formal wear, hair and makeup and more, the last thing students or their parents want to do is be on the hook for the cost of formal prints. With our photo booth, students have the option to print multiple copies or email them, saving everyone a bit of cash!

5. Did We Mention It’s Interactive?

This isn’t just your average photobooth. It offers several interactive, voice and touch features like the Screaming Contest! Your guests and their friends can enjoy their photo session with contests, voice coaching, games and other fun interactive features!


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