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6 Reasons to Book Magic Mirror Booth for a Holiday Party

Temperatures are dropping, winters are approaching and the streetsare filled with holiday cheer. Not to mention, it’s almost time for corporate holiday parties. So, if you’re planning to throw one, you need to make sure that it’s fun and exciting. You may have already picked a date, decided on a menu and reserved a venue but when it comes to Charismatic Entertainment, you’re all out of ideas.

Long gone are the days when guests would spend their time playing old party games, so why not take it a step forward with a magic mirror booth. This fun and trendy party entertainment prop will have all your guests enthusiastic about attending the party. Here are six reasons why you’ll want to rent a magic mirror booth for your corporate holiday party.

1.   It’s Trending

A magic booth mirror is a perfect addition to a corporate holiday party to transform it from drab to fab. Who doesn’t love selfies, especially when you’re partying? A magic mirror booth lets you experiment with a number of different expressions and poses. Be it a sparkling smile or silly faces, your guests have the time of their lives making faces and taking pictures, immortalizing and cherishing each moment. Your guests will be fully enjoying their photo booth experience without any doubt!

2.   Creates Lasting Memories

No matter what event you’re attending; you urge to hold onto those precious moments for a long time. More importantly, when it comes to a corporateholiday party, you get that chance only once in a year. So, isn’t it a thoughtful favor if you allow guests to make downloadable memories with their colleagues? There is no doubt that props are fun, but a picture holds a thousand words! A magic mirror booth will let them print or download their pictures straight away.

3.   Endless Entertainment

What is the main goal of a holiday party? You probably want to give your employees a memorable event that they will cherish for a lifetime. Having fun all night long and breaking the ice while enjoying every moment with colleagues is the core of a holiday party. A magic mirror booth doubles up the entertainment by the activity it offers.

4.   A Perfect Picture!

Almost every one of us wants a perfect picture! Then, what is more,perfect than a spontaneous and candid picture? A magic mirror booth captures real expressions of yours with its gesture detection.

5.   Interactive and Engaging

A magic mirror booth not only captures pictures, but your guests can also play games, do video messaging, customize their pictures with animations and much more! Isn’t it quite amazing? That’s not enough, a mirror photo booth is user-friendly; it has a touch-screen for hassle-free operation.

6.   Drive Online Engagement

We live in an era propelled by the digitalrevolution. Sharing day-to-day activities on social media platforms is not a new thing nowadays! In a similar way, you probably leverage online platforms to expand your brand’s visibility. With a magic mirror booth, you can encourage guests to share their shots instantly. It would be a great way to promote your brand in the online world!

Final Word

Nowadays, photo booths are already very popular and the must-haves for events. So, if you’re planning your next office holiday party, don’t forget to book a magic mirror booth to give your guests an amazing experience.