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How to Hire the Perfect Wedding DJ | Philadelphia PA

Ask any recently engaged couple and they’ll tell you that wedding planning can feel like a part-time job! From easy choices like picking place cards to tougher choices like selecting a venue, there are hundreds of decisions to make before you say “I do.” One of the most important choices you’ll make between picking your […]

Plan A Super Sweet Sixteen Perfectly

For a lot of girls, their Super Sweet Sixteen party is an event that they look forward to for a long time. It celebrates turning sixteen years old and many girls think about how they’ll enjoy. From a teenage girl’s perspective, it’s the ultimate party, so they start planning it in advance. At the core, […]

6 Reasons to Book Magic Mirror Booth for a Holiday Party

Temperatures are dropping, winters are approaching and the streetsare filled with holiday cheer. Not to mention, it’s almost time for corporate holiday parties. So, if you’re planning to throw one, you need to make sure that it’s fun and exciting. You may have already picked a date, decided on a menu and reserved a venue […]

What to Do When the Father of the Bride Isn’t in the Picture

Planning a wedding can be extremely difficult for brides when the Father of the Bride isn’t in the picture. This could be because they don’t have a good relationship, a death or other circumstances. Whatever the reason, many traditions can be hard or stressful to navigate for brides. Here are our favorite ways to skirt around […]

What to Do Next After Booking Your Vendors

Most wedding planning sessions happen in fits and bursts, and the first major milestone is when you’re done booking your vendors. After you’ve booked all the major players in your day, you may be a little stumped on what comes next. You feel like you should be doing something, but what? After all, you won’t […]

Stuck On the Type of Wedding Dance Music You Want at Your Wedding?

There’s one thing we hear from our brides and grooms consistently about wedding dance music. It’s that they thought they could easily make a playlist themselves, and a do-not-play in fifteen minutes or less. What they find is it’s a little bit harder than that! Making a playlist of dance music causes brides and grooms […]

Where Should Your Wedding Party Go During the First Dance?

On traditional timelines, the entire wedding party and the bride and groom will gather outside the ballroom/ reception doors. This helps to get ready for the grand entrance. In pairs or one by one, the wedding party will walk into the reception to music. The doors will close again and the MC will happily introduce […]

5 Tips to Keep Wedding Toasts Appropriate

Some couples look forward to hearing what all their friends and family have to say in wedding toasts. However, there are many occasions when a toast can be long, drawn out and sap the energy from the room. It’s even worse when these rambles are inappropriate or awkward! If you want to keep the pace […]

Should You Have a Holiday Wedding?

Holiday weddings are contentious, and since the holiday season is rapidly approaching it seems like a great topic to tackle. Whether or not you want to host a wedding on a major holiday is a highly personal choice. However, in our opinions, there are actually advantageous times for a holiday wedding. Here are some things […]

How to Create Harmony Between Your Wedding Musicians and a DJ

Your big day is around the corner, and you’re pulling out all the entertainment stops for your guests. Perhaps your lineup has wedding musicians and a DJ to play the ceremony, cocktail hour and/or reception. If this is the case, chances are you’ll have to navigate who plays what and when. Thankfully, most entertainment teams […]