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Decorating Your Reception Space on a Budget

The cost of weddings continues to surprise even the most prepared couples. Between food, flowers, and photography, the bills add up quickly! However, sticking to your budget doesn’t have to mean sacrificing the decor you’ve dreamed of. If you’re looking to save a couple hundred here and there, we’ve got some tried and true tips on maximizing your reception space on a budget!

Choose a Professional Venue or Ballroom

It may surprise you to learn that outdoor weddings are often more expensive than those put on in a hotel ballroom or conference center. The cost of tables, chairs, tents and more creates an enormous rental invoice. All the money you spend on these necessary items will often leave little room for your reception decor.

Consider a professional venue or ballroom as the setting for your nuptials instead. Most venues will include tables and chairs at a minimal cost or just include them in the package! You also won’t need to add on rentals for a catering team as most professional venues will have their own kitchens and staff. While the lump sum of booking a ballroom may take your breath away at first, nine times out of ten you’re actually saving a ton of money.

Create a Show-Stopping Focal Point In the Room

Ballin’ on a budget? Your guests will be none the wiser if you employ this timeless trick. Opt to use as many complimentary items from your venue as you can, such as the standard white linens and ballroom chairs. Then, focus the bulk of your decor budget on a specific part of the room. Most brides and grooms elect to make this the head table. However, some choose to create a chic lounge area or even deck out the dance floor with extravagant lighting or linen displays.

By creating one show-stopping scene at your reception, your guests will hardly notice that you used most of the venues complimentary decor.

It’s All Smoke and Mirrors

Perhaps florals are one part of the budget that you’ve decided to cut. There are ways to make this work within a budget and create the illusion of having more floral detail than you actually do. Many venues will offer mirrored discs to set your centerpieces on. The nifty thing about these mirrors is that they will make your centerpieces appear larger and more ornate than they really are. Add a few flickering tea lights, and your guests will be none the wiser.

Another tried and true budgeting hack? Alternate which tables receive a floral centerpiece. By placing a dazzling arrangement on every other table, you’ll create the illusion of a fully decked out ballroom for half the price tag!