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Favorite Ways to Celebrate the Father-Daughter Dance

The father-daughter dance is a special part of the reception that often jerks a few tears from your guests. It’s a perfect way to honor the man who loved you first as you go off into your life with your husband. Some brides elect for a simple sway with their dad, and some choose to add on a few more special touches to the moment.

Here are our favorite ways to celebrate the father-daughter dance that are guaranteed to make the moment an unforgettable one.

Record Yourself Reading a Letter

Looking for a way to really tell your dad what he means to you? Consider working with your DJ to record yourself reading a letter to your dad. This can be the intro to the song or superimposed over swayable tunes. We guarantee there will not be a dry eye in the house.

Create a Video Slideshow

Working with your videographer on a video slideshow as a tribute to your father is a great idea. You can include pictures of you two, interviews with you, family members and even your spouse. Sharing the good qualities and heartwarming stories around the first man you ever loved is a fantastic way to honor him. Invite him to the dance floor and engage in a moment of suspense as the lights dim and the video begins!

Open Up the Floor

If your father is kind of shy or not confident in his dancing abilities, open up the floor to other father-daughter couples. This is a wonderful idea if you have a lot of children at the wedding. It can also be an incredibly touching moment if you and your spouse already have children, or either of you has children from a prior relationship. You can take the spotlight off your father and create a touching tribute to fathers everywhere.

Choreograph Your Father-Daughter Dance

One way to get your guests celebrating and keep the moment lighthearted is to work with your DJ to create a mix of songs that remind you of your father. These can be the tunes you listened to in a car as a kid, songs with the perfect lyrics about him, or all around happy tunes. Then, you can choreograph a dance while waltzing down memory lane!

One of our favorite father-daughter dances started with a choreographed routine by the bride and her dad. It ended with the whole family on the dance floor doing “The Twist!”

Above all else, remember that the father-daughter dance is a great opportunity to honor your father, and fathers everywhere. Think about what would be most meaningful for him at that moment. Without a doubt, you’ll create a special memory for years to come!