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Finding Your First Dance Song

Once you start wedding planning, the pressure is on to choose your first dance song. Picking the perfect one to share this special moment to can leave you strangely stumped. However, there are some pretty easy ways to take a breath and find inspiration for the perfect song to share your first dance as husband and wife to. Check out the easy ways below!

Decide On Your Dance

You can rule out a lot of potential song choices right off the bat by taking into account what kind of dance you’ll be doing. After all, your first dance song needs to match up with your dance style! A slow waltz tune won’t work for that perfectly choreographed Argentinian tango.

If you two aren’t into dancing, a slow sway in the middle of the dance floor is perfectly acceptable. Picking a smooth, vocally-led song to highlight the sweet simplicity of this moment is a great way to go. Consider acoustic songs for moments like this.

If you’re world travelers, pick a unique dance style from a country you love, and find a song with a matching tempo. The requirements for your dance will help you narrow down the list very quickly.

Remember Who You Are

Your identity as a couple says a lot about you, and should be reflected in your music choice! Classic melodies by Etta James may not be the best choice for a couple that loves to go to Slipknot concerts. “Truly, Madly, Deeply” by Savage Garden may not fit with a hipster couple who prefers coffee shops and beer gardens. When you step out on that dance floor, you are also officially entering the room as a husband and wife pairing. During your coming out to the world as Mr. and Mrs. So-And-So, your first dance song should also match up with your personalities. We recommend scratching the suggested songs list completely for this tune, and finding something that resonates with who you are as a couple. Chances are that perfect tune has been hiding somewhere on your Spotify playlist this entire time!

Ask Your DJ to Remix Your First Dance Song

The age-old dilemma: you have the perfect song picked out. It has meaningful lyrics that represent you as a couple, and its the song that was playing on the radio when you first kissed. But its too fast. All doesn’t have to be lost! Ask your DJ or your musicians to speed up or slow down the tune so it matches your dance. This isn’t as hard as most people think, and oftentimes your entertainment team will love the challenge!