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The Importance of a No-Play List

Many good DJ companies will help you pick the perfect songs for the special moments of your big day. From processionals to recessionals, first dance to cake cuttings, they’ll typically have a list of popular songs and recommendations to help you narrow the search down. However, what separates a good DJ from a great one is asking about the no-play list.

Most brides and grooms are so wrapped up in the day-to-day details, they don’t stop to think about music they don’t want to hear. From popular songs with creepy or downright lewd lyrics to slow jams that kill the vibe on the dance floor, there are definitely songs you don’t want in the mix. Here are the types of songs you might want to consider banning at the big event!

The Painfully Cliche Throwback

Many of the same songs show up on “no” playlists time and again, and some will make you wince. Songs like “YMCA”, “Celebration” and “We Are Family” immediately conjure up images of sweaty fluorescent-lit gyms and unnecessarily awkward high school assemblies. Jot these down on the list before someone requests the “Macarena” in the middle of your reception.

The Slow Ballad

Here’s a fact of weddings. Once the reception program is over, many people start hoofing it to the door. The trick to getting guests to stay for a while and have a good time lies in the music. A skilled DJ will play tunes that will get people flocking to the dance floor to have a good time! Playing “I Will Always Love You” and “My Heart Will Go On” in the middle of your celebration is a surefire way to clear the dance floor and the room before 10:00 P.M.

Break-Up Songs

This probably doesn’t require a lot of explanation. Playing “We Are Never Getting Back Together” is a really strange move at a wedding reception. You want your DJ to play upbeat, fun music, but skip the lyrics that talk about heartbreak, revenge, and cheating. It’s really not the place.

The Lewd, Crude and Just Plain Rude

Hey, a lot of us have probably rapped along to lowbrow lyrics a time or two in the car. However, songs that talk about sex, drugs, violence, and women in four-letter words or less should probably be saved for your gym routine. You don’t want your sweet great-grandma fainting dead away when “Bounce” comes on.

Overplayed Songs

The bride and groom really have to exercise the best judgment here. Overplayed songs are overplayed for a reason generally, but you may have a friend group that rolls their eyes and tears their hair if “Despacito” comes on “just one more time, so help them!”… any song that doesn’t have a good beat and dance potential should probably be ruled out, however, you can let some radio hits slide if they make everyone want to groove.

Songs That Bring You Down

Maybe no one else gets sad when “Scrubs” by TLC comes on, but that was the song that was playing on the radio when your hamster Cuddles died. Whether it reminds you of an ex, a break-up, a loss or a time that really made you mad, make sure to put those songs on the no playlist. You don’t need to be feeling anything but overjoyed on the biggest day of your life.