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All the Single Ladies: Ways to Make the Bouquet Toss Less Awkward

One of the most dreaded parts of the formal reception program is the bouquet toss. That is, if you’re a single woman! We’ve met very few people who enjoy being stared at as they cross that ballroom to the dance floor. As the MC asks politely for single ladies to make their way to the dance floor once, twice, three times…many will slouch in their seats and avoid eye contact. Doesn’t sound as fun as it should be, right?

Luckily, there are ways around making your unpartnered pals uncomfortable. You can use any of these bouquet toss variants to keep your reception flowing smoothly. These are our favorite ideas!

Dedicate the Bouquet to Someone Special

Way back in the day when the tradition of the bouquet toss started, it was believed that the friend the bride gifted the bouquet to would be the next to marry. While not too many folks believe this superstition today, the bouquet is still meaningful. If you’d like to skip over the bouquet toss entirely, here’s a handy alternative. Instead, make a sweet speech and present the bouquet to someone special from the podium!

Make an Offer They Can’t Refuse

A surefire way to get those single ladies on the dance floor is to make it worth their while. Announce a gift card, cash money or some kind of prize along with the bouquet toss. Your guests will be climbing over each other to catch that bouquet, and your photos of that moment will look that much better.

Open the Floor to All Women

Some women may still be uncomfortable breaking tradition, but many will be game to play. Instead of inviting just the single women in the group, open the floor to every lady. The floor will look full and no one will feel awkward about getting up. This is also a huge bonus for photography at this moment. There’s nothing worse than an empty floor and nervous faces during this special moment!

Invite the Gentlemen Up for the Bouquet Toss

If you’d like to buck tradition completely, have the bride toss the bouquet to all the gentlemen in the crowd. Their incentive? Earning a beautiful flower bouquet for their wives, girlfriends or special ladies. Their significant others will be pushing them up to the dance floor!