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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

A Guide to the Mirror Me Booth

Whether you are planning your wedding, an anniversary or birthday, or some other celebration, you are going to want to remember the good times you had with your friends and family. We all know a picture says a thousand words, but professional photographers can get expensive fast, and they leave you wondering how the pictures turned out until your event is over.

How can you avoid the shortcomings of traditional photography in a way that is fun for everyone? Allow me to introduce you to the Mirror Me Booth.

What is the Mirror Me Booth?

You are probably familiar with traditional photo booths—where you climb behind a curtain and snap four or five quick photos (while making silly faces) with as many friends as you can fit behind that curtain with you. Those are well and good, but take that conventional photo booth, and bring it from 1950 to 2018.

The full-length design of the Mirror Me Booth takes the traditional photo booth experience to the next level: integrating voice guidance and interactivity to engage your guests in a multidimensional experience. And when it comes to printing, the Mirror Me Booth provides a number of layouts for your photos, and has a built-in email sharing option.

More than just a camera

The Mirror Me Booth isn’t just a photo booth: it’s an experience. The booth uses touchscreen technology and motion detection software to help you capture the spirit of your party. Your guests can choose from hundreds of colorful animations and emoji stamps to enhance their images as they take them.

But wait, there’s more! The Mirror Me Booth also has social games (such as Pong and Tic-Tac-Toe), an interactive ‘Screaming Contest,’ and fun photo countdowns, that will have your guests lining up to play along and take pictures.

Skip the photographer

Ours is a generation of selfie-takers. We are used to instant results, immediate editing capabilities, and infinite filters. Hiring a traditional photographer—which will likely cost more over the course of your event—doesn’t give your guests the opportunity to say ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ after they have their picture snapped. Moreover, professionally-taken photographs may not be necessary or appropriate for your event.

If you want to capture the fun and liveliness of your party, the Mirror Me Booth is a perfect option. Some of your guests might not be willing or comfortable to make the silly faces they would make behind the curtain of the 1950s photo booth for a guy behind the lens of the camera. The Mirror Me Booth lets your guests show their true colors, and it’s mirrored display lets them see how their photos will turn out and the enjoy the results instantly.

Rent a Mirror Me Booth for Your Event

Are you interested in finding out more about Mirror Me Booth rentals? Contact us at Charismatic Entertainment with any questions you have—we offer three different photo booth options that are sure to make your next get-together an event to remember.

*subject to an additional travel fee of $150 for events further than 100 miles from our headquarters.