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Plan A Super Sweet Sixteen Perfectly

For a lot of girls, their Super Sweet Sixteen party is an event that they look forward to for a long time. It celebrates turning sixteen years old and many girls think about how they’ll enjoy. From a teenage girl’s perspective, it’s the ultimate party, so they start planning it in advance.

At the core, most birthday parties are the same. Nevertheless, planning a Super Sweet Sixteen is a little different in terms of scale and arrangements. Here’s how you can throw an amazing Super Sweet Sixteen Party with Charismatic Entertainment that everyone will remember.

Make Your Budget

Like every other event planning, it all starts with a proper budget. Therefore, before you start planning an extravagant party, maybe you should have a look at what you can afford. If you’re planning your own Super Sweet Sixteen party, ask your parents to be clear about how much they can spend.

You can offer to use up the money you’ve saved, but don’t forget to consult them about big decisions like who’ll be attending the party.

Decide Who’s Coming

The people you choose to invite will set the mood for your Super Sweet Sixteen party. Of course, you should invite your closest friends in class. Nonetheless, don’t forget to invite some of your childhood friends and neighbors that you get along with.

You can prefer to keep it a closed event for close friends and family or go all-out by inviting your whole class.

Pick a Date and Choose a Venue

You have to decide whether you’ll have the party before or after your birthday. Or if you’re the type to emphasize dates, have it on the same date as your birthday. It can be difficult to hold a party on your birthday if it falls on a school or work night, which is why it’s more convenient to hold it on the weekend after or prior to your birthday.

Pick an affordable venue, whether it’s a community hall, restaurant, or your own house. However, make sure that it’s a place that everyone would be comfortable with.

Create the Invitations

Design some pretty invitations with a great color scheme so you can have them printed for order and send them out. Make sure that you design the cards with aesthetic prints and fonts, and have them printed in advance. This is so you can send them at least three weeks before the date you’ve selected.

Select a Theme for the Party, Decorations and Dress Code

Every party has a theme, especially if it’s a Super Sweet Sixteen. Girls love dressing up and decorating a party according to a theme. Even so, ensure that it’s trendy and something that everyone can easily prepare for. It can be a color-themed party, something pop culture-inspired, or even from a movie.

Shortlist a Menu

Because everyone stays for the food right? Select the foods you want to enjoy with your friends at your Super Sweet Sixteen party. No matter if you’d prefer a three-course meal or just some party food that everyone can enjoy while on their feet.  It’s your party; the menu can be as spontaneous as you like!

Get A DJ

If you want a rocking sweet 16th birthday party you are going to want to get a DJ, and a very good one. The music makes the party and so you need a DJ who will cater to 16th birthday parties. Take a look at Charismatic Entertainment they’ve been doing sweet 16 party DJs for years, click here to read more.

Decide on Party Attractions and Vendors

You can select the food vendors in advance, as well as the party attractions so that people have a reason to make memories. You can arrange for a DJ, a spectacular dance floor, and a Magic Mirror Booth that lets your gueststake amazing pictures. This way, your guests will get print out memories of all the fun they had at your Super Sweet Sixteen party.