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Throwback Thursday: Tips For Planning A Class Reunion Playlist

It’s that time of the year when the reunion planning committee finalizes the details for the class reunion. By now, the committee most likely has secured the venue, set a date and sent out invites. Now the party planning can begin! One of the most fun — and most challenging — part of the evening is picking the perfect class reunion playlist. Music plays a key role in keeping energy up and the vibe strong. Here are some tips for assembling the perfect playlist for the event! Mix It Up For a Balanced Class Reunion Playlist Contrary to popular belief, your class reunion playlist should not be back to back throwback tracks! As you select and play the songs that were popular back in the day, make sure you balance them out with current hits that will get people on the dance floor. This does two things- makes each throwback tune have a bigger impact, and keeps energy high. Try interspersing a classic hit in between two to three current songs for the optimal mix. Poll Your Classmates For Their Song Requests Using a Facebook group or your ticket-selling platform, sneak in a request for their favorite tunes. By collecting two to three favorites from each reunion attendee, you can create a good-sized playlist full of hits everyone will enjoy. Plus, if several songs only have one or two requests while others have twenty or more, you can probably weed them off the list. Plan Your Moments Carefully Towards the beginning of the evening, you’ll probably want to keep the playlist pretty low-key. Music that’s pleasant to listen to, but can still be talked over without shouting would be ideal for dinner, mingling, and conversation. When it’s time to hit the dance floor after everyone’s had a drink or two, you can rev up the tunes. Here is a good spot for high energy dance tracks designed to get everyone laughing and moving! As the evening winds down, intersperse a few slow songs so that couples can share a special moment. Plan your list song by song with the natural flow of events in mind. The result will be music that supports the event and keeps guests feeling good all night long!