Creating the Soundtrack to Your Big Ceremony Moments

Flowers, dresses, shoes, gifts, favors…the list of wedding day elements seems to get longer and longer as planning goes on. When you get around to choosing the ceremony soundtrack to your big day, you’ll be fast approaching frazzled!   Try not to worry too much, though. The songs that will accompany the big moments will […]

3 Reasons You Should Have a First Look

The First Look can be a touchy subject with some brides. Approximately half are on board, and the other half flatly refuse to consider it. The reason might be anything, from precious photography moments or even superstition.   While anything goes on your dream day, take a moment to think about it. Here are three […]

What to Expect When You’re Expo-ing

The Bridal Expo. A large maze of every type of venue and vendor imaginable, displaying their best work, cool new effects and wares for every bride in the area. The goal for brides is to find the vendors that will be a part of the all-star team present on the wedding day, and the goal […]

The Importance of a No-Play List

Many good DJ companies will help you pick the perfect songs for the special moments of your big day. From processionals to recessionals, first dance to cake cuttings, they’ll typically have a list of popular songs and recommendations to help you narrow the search down. However, what separates a good DJ from a great one […]