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3 Reasons Wedding Day Photo Booths Are Here to Stay

3 Reasons Wedding Day Photo Booths Are Here to Stay

These days, nearly everyone is walking around with a fantastic camera in their pocket thanks to smartphones. In fact, 1.2 trillion photos were taken in 2017 and 85% of them were taken with phones. While your iPhone is fine for snapping a shot of your acai bowl, it just doesn’t cut it when it comes to life’s biggest moments. That’s why couples hire photographers and book a wedding day photo booths – to capture (and make!) memories that last a lifetime! Read on to see why photo booths are more popular than ever, even with smartphones.

1. Photo Booths Make Selfies a Social Experience

We’ve all been there, you’re at a friend’s wedding and want to snap a selfie. After all, you’re all dressed up and having a blast, why not capture the moment? But, it can be tough to find the perfect lighting and backdrop. When you provide a photo booth, your guests aren’t hiding in corners trying to get their good sides. Instead, they’re laughing, cutting loose, taking pictures and making memories together.

2. Photo Booths Are About More Than Just a Picture

With the Magic Mirror Photo Booth, it doesn’t just snap a pic and send your guest on their way. There are endless customization options including emojis, graphics, effects, and even signatures. And, if your guests want to take a break from posing, games like Tic Tac Toe and Pong are available right on the touchscreen mirror!  

3. Photo Booths Help Your Guests Share

In the age of social media, it’s just a fact of life – people love to share what’s going on in their lives. Wedding day photo booths can help your guests share their experience with their entire network in a variety of ways. They can #pictureofapicture the gorgeous printed photos our Magic Mirror Photo Booth prints, upload to their social accounts right from the screen or have their pictures instantly emailed to them.

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