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Where Should Your Wedding Party Go During the First Dance?

On traditional timelines, the entire wedding party and the bride and groom will gather outside the ballroom/ reception doors. This helps to get ready for the grand entrance. In pairs or one by one, the wedding party will walk into the reception to music. The doors will close again and the MC will happily introduce the new Mr. and Mrs. So and So! The bride and groom then enter and take their places on the dance floor for the first dance.

This all sounds great, but it’s important to decide exactly where your bridal party goes. The last thing you want after you enter and take the dance floor is a confused wedding party milling around! Here are a few options for your wedding party to finish their grand entrance and make the transition seamless.

Have Your Wedding Party Stand Behind the Dance Floor

This is a great option for photography. The background of your first dance pictures will be filled with smiling faces! As the wedding party enters, they can strike a pose or show their personality on the dance floor. Then, they’ll take a spot on the edge of the dance floor. Typically the first bridesmaid and groomsman to enter will stand at the far corners of the floor. Their backs should be to the head table. Each bridesmaid and groomsmen will take their spots next to them so that when the maid of honor and best man enter, they will go right to the center of the line.

Using this processional, everyone will be set for your entrance, and you’ll feel encouraged by your wedding party as you begin your first dance!

Have Your Wedding Party Cross Directly to Their Seats

If you prefer to keep the dance floor empty, or if space is limited this may be a great option. It will require some familiarity with the room, and if you have a wedding planner they should show the bridal party where they will be sitting (if not at the head table) beforehand. This way, the bridal party can enter, pause on the dance floor, and then head to their seats seamlessly in preparation for your first dance.

Dismiss Your Wedding Party After the Grand Entrance and Before the First Dance

If you prefer to have your wedding party stay put during the grand entrance but go before you begin your first dance, you can have the best of both worlds! Simply have your wedding party line up or stand in whatever configuration you like the best in preparation for your grand entrance. You may prefer to have them do this as it encourages people to clap, hoot and holler and stand as you make your way into the room. Then, as the MC announces that the new couple will take part in their first dance, the wedding party can take this as their cue to discreetly leave the floor.