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Where to Place Your Photo Booth

When you contract your wedding photo booth, you picture all the ways your guest will enjoy it. They will laugh and crowd the booth all night, enjoying props and making funny faces for hours. What you don’t imagine is the booth being a ghost town!  Only a handful of guest photos at the end of the night to show for your investment is the worst. It also really does happen! To make sure you get the most use out of your contract, it’s important to carefully consider where to place your photo booth.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Guests love photobooths, but they often won’t go too far out of the way to enjoy them. Putting your photo booth more than a short walk from guest seating, and completely out of the reception room? Major no-no. Instead, keep the booth close by and in sight so guests remember its presence. If you can help it, never put a door between the photo booth and your guests, even an open one! This will not only discourage guests from moving out of the room to use the photobooth, but it also means that the guests who do may miss important parts of the program. Considering your guest’s attention spans is important when deciding where to place your photo booth.

Create Space on Your Floorplan

Make sure to leave more than enough space for the photo booth, as well as easy space to access it for your guests. If it appears that they’d have to slide through closely packed tables and dodge seats, purses and dress hems to reach it, they probably won’t. Keep space around it and at least around the edge of the room to make access easy.

Your MC is Your Best Friend

If you want to make sure your photobooth stays poppin’ all night long, you can rely on your MC to help you, direct guests, that way — or keep them away! A lot of brides opt to close the photobooth temporarily during the formal program. After all, you don’t want your romantic first dance punctuated by giggles, shouts and photobooth flashes from the corner, right? Your MC can remind your guests of good points to use the photobooth, such as during dinner, after the formal program or even cocktail hour. Your MC can also tactfully redirect any waiting guests to their seats in anticipation for key reception moments, like the garter toss, bouquet toss and more!

Where to Place Your Photo Booth in a Ballroom

Are you having your reception in a traditional ballroom or event space?  Try to make room for your photo booth in the back or either end of the ballroom. You’ll want to keep the photobooth away from the head table or sweetheart table, and the podium. Anyone wanting to use the booth or enjoying it may cause a distraction during the reception. Plus, your photographer won’t want to catch it in key reception shots of the head table, dance floor and more!